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Houston boudoir photography is all the rage among many women

Woman lays on couch in studio for her houston boudoir photography with allyson blankenburg

Beautiful woman poses on couch for her houston boudoir photography session with ally's photography  What is Houston boudoir photography?

Houston Boudoir Photography is getting more and more popular these days. Now, with that being said, not everyone can be a good boudoir photographer. In fact, I personally think it takes a specific personality to be one, in addition to having the photography skills.

A great boudoir photographer is going to be confident in posing all body types, cheerleading all personality types, and empowering all emotional versions of the woman you get at said session. Sometimes women come in ready to conquer the world for their session. I’m talking to you, revenge body babe! However, sometimes someone shows up and they are feeling insecure and asking themselves “What the hell was I thinking? Abandon ship!” An amazing photographer will know how to make them feel comfortable, make them relax, and show them images on their camera that are guaranteed to make their client feel smokin’ hot and sexy.

I’m not confident in my own skin. Won’t I look ridiculous?

Remember how I said that a great photographer will make you look and feel amazing? I said it because it’s true. I have had clients who have lost 175 pounds and not been able to have surgery to remove extra skin or stretch marks. When they receive their gallery, they literally say “Who is this person? That is NOT me!” I have to remind them that is in fact them and they are gorgeous. The proof is in the photos.

With that being said, that leads me to my next point. Styling is very important for any session, but it is extremely important for Houston Boudoir Photography, because you’re not wearing much to begin with…So what you do wear, needs to make a positive impact. Keep reading for my favorite tips I share with my clients.

Style & Session Tips

  • Wear HEELS. Heels make everything sexier and will elongate your legs, making you look thinner.
  • Find a professional photographer who is good at posing. Not everyone knows how to pose various bodies to look flattering, so make sure to ask for portfolio work to see how they well they do with this.
  • Have your hair and makeup professionally done-even if you generally do a fine job. That’s not completely what it’s about. It’s about empowerment and making you feel like the sexy beast you are. So yeah girl, pamper yourself on this day. And then ya’ know what-go out on a date with your husband or someone special! Don’t let that fancy hair and makeup go to waste after your session.
  • Stick with white, black, or red lingerie. Unless you really love another color or another color looks very flattering on you, but these 3 colors are timeless, classy, and flattering.
  • Ask for help from your photographer on what to wear for the session. Let her know your insecurities so she can help guide you in the right outfit, so that you aren’t exposing your most insecure body parts.

Suggested Locations

I usually suggest a studio rental for any Houston Boudoir Photography. There are a few reasons for this. First, privacy is very important! Second, studios offer a relief from the Texas heat, because sweat dripping down your chest might look sexy, but it doesn’t feel sexy. Instead, let’s replicate that sweat with a spray bottle of water, indoors. 😉  And third, if you’re not feeling like renting a studio is the route for you, how about your home or an AirBnb? Some clients are unsure of doing this at home because maybe their home isn’t as clean as they wish, or they worry about their husband or kids being home, but they still want the look of home. No worries, there are AirBnb rentals that allow this type of photography for hourly rentals. Ask your photographer about it!

Here are some locations that I think are great for Houston Boudoir Photography

This Parisian Studio in Houston, or this mainly white and neutral studio with a ton of gorgeous natural light,  or this moody loft studio in Houston.

What photographer should I use for Houston boudoir photography?

While I don’t have a page dedicated to boudoir on my website, (I value my clients privacy with the utmost care and concern) I am happy to share some work from clients who are comfortable with this. Send me a message, let’s chat, and see if we are a good fit! I can promise you three things;

  1. You are going to laugh at your session. Like, a lot!
  2. You are going to be sore as hell after your session.
  3. You are going to LOVE your images and feel proud of the person you are in the body you have.


  1. I truly love doing bridal boudoir because it provides a super sexy gift for your husband either on your wedding day or on your honeymoon. Can you imagine seeing his face when he opens your boudoir album with the lingerie you wore? He will be blown away and speechless!
  2. Get the album! Don’t let these images sit and collect dust on your hard drive. Have your photographer curate an album for you, to give to your man. I personally am a fan of a 4×4 album so that it’s small enough to be discrete when let’s say he’s um…traveling?

As a wedding & family photographer, I have been fortunate enough to be able to lift and empower women through Houston Boudoir Photography. I’d love to chat with you, but in the meantime, let me share some blogs that I hope you find very interesting and valuable!

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