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Pop up Wedding in Houston

Pop Up Weddings in Houston, becoming increasingly popular. Bride hugs her groom on a patio in Roundtop Texas, after doing a first look before their ceremony.

Ever heard of a Pop Up wedding in Houston?

Until recently, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, even though the term is becoming more and more used. A really great resource for executing a Pop Up Wedding in Houston is this website. On there, you are able to select the experience you desire. Whether that is a pop up wedding, micro wedding, or elopement, the options are all presented for you! If you’re wanting more info on micro weddings or elopements, let’s chat!

Let me break it down for you-here is what a pop up wedding typically includes;

  • Typically last around 90 minutes, to allow for multiple weddings to happen that day.
  • Specific venue already chosen for you
  • predetermined date
  • Custom Music
  • Cakes
  • Small guest count (usually 2-25ish)
  • Venue set up and breakdown
  • Ceremony chairs, backdrop
  • Planner/Day of Coordinator of sorts
  • Bouquet & Boutonniere

Pros & Cons for choosing a Pop Up Wedding in Houston

So, you’re tossing the idea around, but still on the fence if a pop up wedding is right for you? No worries, let’s sort it out. Making a clear list always helps me to see a little more clearly, and hopefully this will help you as well;


  • efficient for planning
  • very cost efficient
  • all the planning is DONE for you!
  • You literally choose your dress, and show up. No fuss, no muss
  • Save on money from the ceremony and put that towards a fancy honeymoon
  • Small amount of people, so it’s intimate, and you feel like you get to spend time with each person there, who are all so meaningful to you.
  • Can still be personalized for each couple.


  • fixed date, makes it less options when choosing a date
  • usually on a weekday, to cut on cost for wedding planners and venues (to be honest, this may be a Pro for some, though!)
  • back to back events don’t allow for overage on time

4 Pop Up Wedding Venues in Houston;

The Oak Atelier’s Pop Up wedding in Houston option

You may recognize them for their glass house studio, known as the Willow. The natural light floods this space and creates the perfect mood for bright and clean wedding images. In addition to their notable Willow studio, The Oak Atelier has multiple rooms available for rent; the Dahlia, the Alder, the Oak, the Delphinium, the Elm, and the Rosewood (opening fall 2023). The Oak Atelier offers many kinds of events, from themed sessions, to private rentals, to weddings, and beyond. Make sure to look into them for your next event! You really can’t go wrong here for a pop up wedding (or honestly any other event). Their venue is set up beautifully and you’re sure to make a statement with your photographs from the wedding day!

Solarium Studio’s Pop Up wedding in Houston option

This Pop Up Wedding venue in Houston is utterly gorgeous! The modern and minimalistic decor is so neutral that it goes with everything, while at the same time, not being bland and boring. They really hit the mark for creating a universal space for many different types of events. There is an outdoor space in addition to the building itself, that lets light filter in through the trees and it’s just magical to see. I really love the setup that they offer for pop up weddings in Houston because it’s simple, not overly done, but yet is personal.

>>BY THE WAY, I am hosting Petite Holiday Sessions at The Solarium Studio on November 11, 2023. For more info, click HERE! 

Booking link for PETITE HOLIDAY SESSIONS is live.

At the Shire

Located right outside of Houston, in Huntsville Texas, is a beautiful fairy lit, teepee vibe, wedding venue. With a reservation, At the Shire allows full day use of their venue, dance floor & stage, handmade tables, wooden walkways, wedding suites and more. If wedding wonderlust is what you’re envisioning, this is going to be your jam. Picture it…twinkle lights, boho vibes, intimate memories, the perfect wedding day. If you’re interested in their pricing, have a look!

Manor House at the Houstonian Hotel & Spa

The Houstonian is already an amazing venue in my opinion. I have previously featured them on my blog, for their 5 star spa experiences! They also made it into a post for my favorite spas in Houston, so you have to take my word on this-they are amazing! They have the space to be able to offer a multitude of amenities when you make a reservation with them; spa, bride/groom suites, fine dining areas, overnight accommodations, ceremony/reception spaces, leisure activities, etc.

As you can see, Pop Up Weddings in Houston are gaining in popularity for a reason! The ease, simplicity, and streamlining is really idea for those brides who are just too busy and overwhelmed by making any decisions. When all you have to do is say YES to the proposal, find the dress, and show up looking gorgeous-what’s not to love?

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