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Solarium Studios in Houston, a modern and minimalistic wedding venue

Solarium Studios, the perfect Houston wedding venue for your event.

About Solarium Studios:

Houston is full of venues for all kinds of events. That is great! But at the same time, can be very overwhelming. Therefore, I have taken the time to interview one of Houston’s favorite venues, the Solarium Studios. If you haven’t heard of them by now, Solarium Studios is a wedding venue rental space located in Richmond, Texas. Something unique about this venue, is they offer in-house makeup artistry. Let me tell you, that is very convenient, because what you don’t want to happen, is you get your hair and makeup done, then have to get out in the Houston humidity only for it to go downhill. Ask me how I know this…

According to their website, Solarium Beauty (the makeup artist division) says “With a penchant for romance, Solarium Beauty believes in enhancing natural beauty through makeup and hairstyling. We strive to give our clients the opportunity to express themselves confidently with a unique look that will leave lasting impressions. Solarium Beauty make-up artists are dedicated to helping others find their true beauty while providing professional services and personalized attention.”

The interview with Solarium Studios:

Their venue sits on a gorgeous 2 acre lot and has plenty of views to offer, inside and out! I recently had the chance to interview Solarium Studios and wanted to share the conversation!

Q: How many guests can your venue accommodate?

A: Up to 70

Q: What is the average amount  a client can expect to spend with your venue, for a rental?

A: The rate ranges from $2400-$3400

Q: Do you offer catering services?

A: Outside Catering is allowed. We do not offer in house catering.

Q: For decor, what is included?

A: Tables and chairs are included. Linens and place settings are supplied by decorators.

Q: Are guests able to have alcohol?

A: Yes, a bartender must be hired for the service.

Q: What are inclement weather backup options?

A: We have one room dedicated to host a small ceremony with 40 guests seated, and the main reception room holds 70 guests seated.

Q: What is parking like at your venue?

A: We have plenty of space, over 2 acres of land.

What makes Solarium Studios special?

I also asked if there was anything they wanted to share with their clients-this is what the owner had to say! “From family events, birthdays, workshops, meetings, and intimate weddings–we’ve got you covered! Let our studio be the canvas for your event’s vision. With our ability to host up to 70 guests and access to our outdoor space, the Solarium Studios will be the place to make your event shine!”

They suggest booking 3-12 months in advance. Another great thing about the Solarium Studios is that they allow you to have your rehearsal here. I find that some brides are inclined to want to skip the rehearsal, but I’m here to tell you, it’s worth doing! In reality, most people don’t know the places that they will stand, the process of each ceremony, or the pace at which to walk. Everyone is always running down the aisle, it seems! So, my advice is to plan on having a rehearsal the night before the big day.

The spaces at Solarium Studios;

Glass Room

For starters, this glass room is gorgeous right? This room is perfect for a special, private ceremony. The entire wall is nearly floor to ceiling windows, with white sheer curtains that diffuse the light. It photographs beautifully and creates a clean, modern, and simple looking backdrop to any event. There is a mantle at the front of the room as well and you are welcome to bring in florals and decorations of your own, as long as they are in line with the Terms and Conditions of the venue.

Solarium Studios glass room.

Loft Suite

Next up, the loft– a beautiful, intimate space that has a lot to offer. From the hanging basket chair to the modern bathtub to the industrial looking bed set. Your imagination is the limit here, really. For me, I envision a bridal boudoir session, with myself of course! (wink, wink). If you’re wanting some boudoir portfolio inspiration, reach out and I’d love to share (with client permission)–but I take my client’s privacy very seriously and do not post their images on my website. Other ways I can see this room being photographed beautifully are maternity, family newborn (lifestyle), updated family portraits, and bridal portraits by the huge window and off the patio.
Solarium Studios loft area Solarium Studios loft area

Open Space

Finally, let’s talk about the Open Space. This space at the Solarium Studios is sometimes changed into themed sets, such as Christmas trees for the holiday. This year, they are a having black, gold, green set of trees with ornaments for Christmas mini sessions. If you’re interested in more information, visit their site! Also, I am also offering Petite Holiday Sessions there, and looking forward to it! The images will be ready with plenty of time to order holiday cards and get them sent out. I want this to be easy, therefore, I am offering an add on service where I create your holiday card FOR YOU with your stunning images from yours truly, Ally’s Photography. Talk about easy peasy, right?

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a modern and minimalistic venue for a wedding, birthday, party, then Solarium Studios should be on your list of places to scope out! Here is their contact information, if you’d like to reach out.

Solarium Studios


1905 Dowling Dr., Richmond Tx 77469



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