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5 small wedding venues in Houston that are truly magical

Life in rose farm is a perfect small Houston wedding venue for brides who want stunning, but intimate.

Houston is a city that doesn’t have a shortage of much, to be honest. It is a city that overflows with options of any kind, whether thats restaurants, entertainment, culture, etc. Houston’s small wedding venues are no different. No shortage of options, but here are 5 of my favorite ones.

Life in Rose Farm for a small Houston wedding venue

I was lucky enough to participate in a styled shoot here a while back. This rose farm is nestled into the Magnolia area in Houston. It is idyllic, thought out, and just plain precious. The greenhouse they have, is to die for. They actually offer way more than a space for weddings. Venue rental includes bistro tables and chairs for up to 50 guests along with 2 long solid wood serving tables. Some of their offerings include, Afternoon High Tea, Cut Your Own Rose Therapy Experience, Comprehensive Rose Growing Kits, Designer Bouquets, Bare Root Collections, and Wholesale Offerings for businesses. They also offer catering for events, but allow you to bring in outside catering. Parking is often a situation at events, but not to worry–Life in Rose has parking for up to 100 cars!

There are 3 venue booking options:

  • The Full Farm- Prices from $1000-$5000 for the rental, and includes the cottage, the rose gardens and the glass house usage.
  • The Glass House-Prices from $800-4000 and includes the glass house and rose gardens usage.
  • The French Cottage-Prices from $600-$2500 for the rental, includes the cottage and rose gardens usage.

Fun fact about the owners-Shaw and Theresa and their 2 daughters created this farm out of adversity and struggle. Here’s a snippet of their story, in their own words. “Our story is a memorable journey born out of struggles. As a way to cope with our adversities, we shifted our energy toward the creative outlets – ones that kept our bodies busy and our minds focused on faith, growth, and creating something out of nothing. It started with DIYs and designs, from fashion to interior, to home renovations and flips…with every single endeavor, we dove right in – head first! With no experience and no formal training, we believe the best way to learn is by doing. And our garden rose farming venture is no exception! Covid hit and we embarked on this journey. While the rest of the world sat still – in quarantine, we were on the move! Literally. ”

The Oak Atelier-a greenhouse option for your small Houston wedding venue

I previously included this small Houston wedding venue in a blog I wrote about pop up weddings because I am obsessed with their greenhouse vibes. The light, the charm, the serene setting–it’s just gorgeous and a must see. The Oak Atelier was actually the owners childhood home. When her parents decided to leave the home, she could not imagine never seeing the space again, thus the idea for the photography studio was born. Leighanne and her husband Jeremy own and renovated the space and now are a successful photography studio business! There are 4 rooms available for rent, or the entire studio space.

Solarium Studios

Small wedding venues in Houston are all the rage, with people wanting to celebrate their nuptials in a smaller but more meaningful ways. Imagine this-50 of your best friends and closest family members showing up to celebrate you. Versus 200 of friends, family, acquaintances, and a lot of your parents friends that you’ve either never met or don’t really know. Your time gets soaked up by saying hi to each one, instead of getting to properly thank them for coming. There’s just a certain charm to a smaller, more intimate wedding.

Solarium Studios is an amazing venue to host your smaller scale event. They have 2 acres of land, which is plenty of parking space, area for outdoor pictures, and even room for a tent if you choose to have an outside ceremony or reception. The indoors is just amazing though and once you see it, you’ll understand! Flooded with light, industrial modern decor, this setting is very neutral and minimalistic. If you’re wanting to learn more about the Solarium Studios in Houston for small wedding venues, head on over to the Solarium Studios blog!

Creative Chateau

I truly am obsessed with this small Houston wedding venue, for more than one reason, but I’ll list the reasons anyways! You’ll get a choice of 7 spaces to rent from, one being the entire Chateau. They also have the add on option for using the Chateau Closet with a rental. I think this option is amazing, because they carry high end wardrobe items that not everyone would own already. It eliminates the need to go shopping, or figure out what will look good. Everything they have is very stylish and will look amazing in any of the rental rooms they have.

  • their staircase is magical
  • the light that comes in is soft and diffused, perfect and flattering, not creating harsh shadows on faces (no one likes that!)
  • the decor is neutral, so it is really there for visual support, not to steal the show
  • the room upstairs (that is perfect for a wedding ceremony) has floor to ceiling windows and is utterly gorgeous
  • the owner and staff are very sweet and easy to work with

I recently was able to photograph the space at The Creative Chateau, before a session, and it’s stunning without people-but once you add the people in…MAGIC. I am working on another blog dedicated to the Creative Chateau. Check back soon for that link!


Brazos Bend Park is a great option for a small Houston wedding venue

Stay TUNED-I will be adding some amazing shots of a wedding at Brazos Bend Park, in the very near future. This location is the perfect forest like atmosphere if you’re wanting to host a small wedding venue in Houston, without feeling like you’re in a big city. It will feel like you’ve left the country, quite honestly. It is quite, serene, and full of nature. The setting sun peeks behind the most beautiful oak trees that are over a hundred years old. How can that not be truly amazing? Not possible. We have had our family portraits taken here, as a matter of fact. Truthfully, it is possibly one of my favorite locations! If you’re interested in documenting your wedding or family, or any other occasion, reach out and let’s chat.

In conclusion, there are a ton of small wedding venues in Houston, and these are just a few to get your research started. But I’ve listed 5 of the ones I think deserve some attention, because they are purely magical. (Important to note-my idea of magic, isn’t a low bar) Light, decor, surroundings, furnishings all contribute to what makes a venue look and feel magical. 

I am a Houston based wedding and family photographer, although travel is my middle name. (Okay, not literally, but ya’ know…) My passion is to document your most important moments in life, so that when the memory fades, the tangible photos are still there to bring you back to the moment. I’d love to chat to see what type of memory you want to document next!

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