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Considering a Houston Elopement? Pro tips to help you pull it off!

husband kisses wife on the forehead at their houston elopement with Ally's Photography, at brazos bend Park.

Steps to planning a Houston elopement

Marriage License

In order to elope in Houston (or anywhere for that matter), a marriage license is needed. You need to apply for one between 90 days and 72 hours of the marriage ceremony. The fee is $60, due at the court. Some circumstances, the fee will be waived. Most couples choose to get the license in the county in which they reside, but it is not required. As a Houston wedding photographer, I have seen a number of marriage licenses and I have to say, the Galveston County one is SO pretty and colorful!



Hi, it’s me! Your amazing, newest third wheel…Allyson Blankenburg, Owner & Creative at Ally’s Photography. I specialize in Houston Wedding Photography and travel all over the world! Anywhere you’re desiring, I’m game.

One of the things I pride myself on as a photographer, is being able to put people at ease. So many people have never really been in front of the camera for anything other than candid snapshots, so when wedding time comes, they are uncomfortable with engagement photos, bridal photos, and wedding day photos. One of the ways I combat this is by getting to know my clients. Then, they become friends and some, like family. They let their guard down with me, because they know they are safe. They are free to be who they are, with the one they love, and I have their back. I will tell them if lipstick is on their teeth, their hair is messed up, and anything else. I have that tissue on stand by as well, because you never know when the moment becomes filled with emotion and tears.

So, don’t fret girlfriend. I got y’all. Let’s chat about what you envision for your special Houston Elopement and make that magic come to life!

Hair and Makeup

Don’t skip out on this. I repeat…Don’t skip out on hair and makeup on your Houston elopement day. Why? Simple! Hair and makeup done by a professional will ensure your makeup is made to be flattering by all lighting situations, such as flash or harsh light. Not all makeup is the same and not all lighting is the same.

The same really goes for hair. Wedding days can be fast paced and that requires a hair style that is going to be able to withstand the Texas weather (a smidge unpredictable, right) and anything else you throw at it. Professionals have the best ways to ensure your style stays put, is flattering, and fits your wardrobe. They also have such great tips for veil placement and how to do that. It’s not something you do everyday, right? Let’s let the professionals do their thang, k? Plus, it is a chance to pamper yourself on the most exciting day of your life! Take advantage of that, and trust the professionals.

Here are some trusted Hair and Makeup Creatives if you’re on the search;

JKC Cosmetics- Jentry Kelley Cosmetics, located in the heart of Houston, you’re sure to find what you need here. She is funny, has an amazing Insta, and is so helpful. I truly love watching her transformations!

Ashley Granados- Located in Pearland, Ashley is an amazing hair and makeup artist! Here’s her website.

Location Selection for Houston Elopements

Here are some links to ideas that would make great Houston Elopement Locations

To recap, as you can see, the options are abundant. From your local Parks, to stylish hotels, and venues with small receptions allowed. You and your partner will have no problem choosing the perfect place, but if none of those fit the bill, then there’s another option; last but certainly not least–a destination elopement! This to me, is the way to do it. Start your journey off with a bang, in a foreign city that starts your honeymoon off together. I love traveling and documenting real life moments for my couples. If you’re interested in documenting this amazing event, let’s chat.


Honestly, you can go both ways here. Minimalistic or over the top. It’s up to you. As a photographer though, (and as much as I love flowers, because I DO), I think florals should be kept to a minimum for elopements. They can be very costly and finicky and who wants to deal with that stress for a stress free elopement? But you can still have all of your amazing pictures of your florals–just by having a beautiful bouquet, boutonniere, and florals either on chairs, the alter, and/or the cake.

Decor, food, drinks

You really have a lot of options here. I have seen so many different ideas, from a pizza party with family after the ceremony, to a fancy lunch at La Colombe d’Or, to a private catered meal at the same venue at the ceremony. That’s the beauty of an elopement being small-it doesn’t have to be on the cheap, or lacking personalization. It can be amazing and beautiful and elegant, with just the right planning. I truly find so much value in an elopement, for couples who are looking for more low key and intimate nuptials.

As you can see, I have a lot of info to share on Houston Elopements. Read the blogs below to see more.

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